Damoim Run | Fourth song of 84 Line friends

Damoim Run! Deepflow, Yumdda, Paloalto, The Quiett & Simon Dominic is back with a 4th single of Dingo x Damoim project.

Damoim Run

Damoim just finish their concert together! At 4th & 5th of January 2020, they held a successful concert together, where fans sing along to not only Damoim member songs but also guest artist such as Kim Hyoeun & Changmo. The 4th track of Dingo Freestyle x Damoim Project ‘Run’ is produced by producer Prima Vista who already produce songs for ILlionaire record artist including the iconic song YGGR.


Damoim Run lyric video



Damoim 중2병 Music Video

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