Qwala Merry Qristmas | With Fellow Sign here Meloh

AOMG Sign here is over but contestant journey is just starting. Qwala of Osamari back with a new song feature Sign here contestant Meloh! Qwala Merry Qristmas

Qwala Merry Qristmas

Qwala have a resurgence this year after joining AOMG SIgn Here. Despite not winning the program, Qwala with the rest of Osamari Crew catch everyone attention with their stage performance. Now, he’s back with fellow AOMG Sign h ere contestant Meloh. Merry Qristmas!


Qwala Merry Qristmas feat Meloh prod by Hecop audio



Qwala & Osamari Crew Walter & frogman AOMG Sign Here

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