Los VMC | Team 119 Member join the Family

Los join Vis Major Company! Los who have been active both in Korea & U.S scene join a new family, Los VMC.


Vis Major Company announce that Los will join their family. VMC is a crew that founded in 2011 that turn into a label/company/agency in 2014. Since then, VMC keep growing to now (including Los) have 16 artists in their family.

List of VMC artists

  • Deepflow
  • Nucksal
  • Rohann
  • Don Mills
  • Wutan
  • Odee
  • Bigone
  • QM
  • Part TIme Cooks
  • TK
  • Ven
  • Babynine
  • Buggy
  • Holyday
  • Fredi casso
  • Los

Team 119 Cypher with EK, Keem Hyoeun, Los & Chaboom.

Los decide to join team Deepflow & Nucksal last year on SMTM 777. Also known as team 119, Los were eliminated early in top 16 mission round. Despite being eliminated early, Los grow close with Vthe member, even release an EP titled 119 after their journey on SMTM ended.



Before joining Vis Major Company, Los is a part of U.S based Cycadelic records, now defunct Ghoodlife Crew & WESTUP RECORDS.  Now starting a new journey in VMC, Los plan to release a new album SNAKES IN THE GRASS on 21st of December 2019, can’t wait for Los VMC Journey!

Los Hustle feat Dok2

Make sure to follow Los on Instagram : @Losmoonwalker. Don’t miss out Los update with the new family VMC!



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