Sharkrama I’mMaturity | SMTM 8 contestant is back with New EP

Sharkrama is Back! After have a great stint on SMTM 8, Sharkrama is back with his 1st EP, lets take a listen ot Sharkrama I’MMaturity.

Sharkrama Im'Maturity

Sharkrama got major airtime on this year SMTM 8. Battle eventual finalist Young B, Sharkrama goes toe to toe in an intense battle using the beat¬† by Nas Nas is Like. Now the young talented rapper is back with a new EP ¬†titled I’mMaturity, between mature & immature.


Sharkrama I’mMaturity tracklist

  • If (remastered)
  • Stay Alive
  • Sasang Station
  • Go4back feat Errday Jinju
  • Negotiation feat Kerykeion

Sharkrama Negotiation feat Kerykeion



Sharkrama SMTM 8 vs Young B 3rd round battle

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What do you think of Sharkrama new EP? Does his music style suit your taste?