Dvwn Defibrillation Vol 1 | KOZ new artist first release

Dvwn finally debut in KOZ! New artist of KOZ entertainment Dvwn debut with a new single album, Dvwn Defibrillation Vol 1.

Dvwn Defibrillation Vol 1

the new artist of KOZ is Dvwn! When the news break out we really excited! Dvwn who have been active¬† through soundcloud since 2 years ago have been releasing good music. He’s also been working hard behind the scene, participate in creating songs for : Chanyeol of EXO SSFW,Lay of Exo Mapo Tofu, Babylon Karma &¬†Kang Daniel ‘Adulthood’


Dvwn Defibrillation Vol 1 tracklist

  • Last
  • Insomnia feat Yayyoung

Does the songs sounds familiar? If you’re into Soundcloud music, the two track inside the single album were actually already unofficially through Dvwn Soundcloud few years ago. Dvwn Defibrilation vol 1 is just a start, it will continue to be released as a series that finalized in an EP/LP, Look forward!

Dvwn Last Music Video

Last is a R&B song that were remastered with brightenlight, add band sounds into the songs. Shoot in Netherlands,, Last Music video were made because Dvwn were searching for a place that have both nature & city at the same time.



Dvwn cover Lullaby (original IU)

Make sure to follow Dvwn on Instagram : @Around_dvwn . Don’t miss out on his update!



Listen & Purchase to Dvwn Defibrillation Vol 1 on Spotify, Melon, Genie & Bugs


What do you think of Dvwn new single album? Does Dvwn music style suit your taste?




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