Mckdaddy Sideshow | Comeback after SMTM 8

Mckdaddy comeback! After a great stint on SMTM 8, Mckdaddy is back with a new EP with 7 songs inside. Mckdaddy Sideshow.

Mckdaddy Sideshow

This year have been a resurgence for 30 years old Mckdaddy. The rapper that debut in 2014 finally got more public recognition this year,  especially after making a great stint and show what he’s capable of in SMTM 8. Mckdaddy now release a new EP titled Sideshow.


Mckdaddy Sideshow tracklist

  • Frost feat Kim Ximya
  • Stormy feat Woo wonjae
  • Ghost
  • Never be like me feat Dbo, Young Stone & Vice Versa
  • All of you feat QWER
  • Woke up In The Wrong Time
  • Sideshow feat Paloalto

Sideshow is a small scale performance before the main event starts, but it’s a really important event to hype up the crowd. Mckdaddy literally release Sideshow for that means, a start of a new chapter of his career. Using various music styles he havent tried out before, lets take a listen to Mckdaddy new EP.

Mckdaddy Stormy feat Woo wonjae audio



Mckdaddy SMTM 8

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What do you think of Mckdaddy New EP? Does his music style suit your taste?


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