Leenzy Wish Me a Good Day | Leenzy of PLT 1st EP

Leenzy is back! As promised, Leenzy continue with a new music after debut with a song titled It’s Alright. Just release an EP, Leenzy Wish Me a Good Day.

Leenzy Wish Me A Good Day

Leenzy is the new member of Planetarium Records, adding to the lineup of PLT Artist (Moti, Gahso, Villain, Jung Jinwoo, June & Kei G). After debut with It’s Alright back in October (2019), we dont need to wait long for her new music. Because she’s just release a new EP titled Wish Me a Good Day.

Leenzy Wish Me a Good Day tracklist

  • Kid
  • Peter Pan
  • Overdue
  • Shining

Wish me a good day is an EP that based on Leenzy own story : Love, Farewell, imagination & reminiscence. The EP consist of various genre from souful Ballad to cheerful songs full of grooves. PLT (as always) also provide the english subs for the lyrics so you can enjoy the song more, thanks!

Leenzy Kid Music Video



Leenzy Peter Pan Music Video

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