Ice Puff Welcome to Ice Den | 1st EP Release

Ice Make you Freeze! That’s the signature sound of Lee Dongmin also known as Ice puff who just release a new EP, Ice Puff Welcome To Ice Den.

Ice Puff Welcome to My Ice Den

Welcome to the Ice Den of Aqua Crew member Ice Puff! Lee Dongmin / Ice Puff have been making noise since his appearance on School rapper 1 when he goes as far to the finals. Or probably you remember him moer through his stint on SMTM 777 when he join the Saimsaim (team Changmo & The Quiett) team? Now, Ice Puff is back with a catchy EP titled Welcome to the Ice Den with 5 songs inside.

Ice Puff Welcome to Ice Den tracklist

  • Ice DenĀ 
  • Pingpong feat Razyboyocean & Coogie
  • Sway feat Pluma
  • Racer feat Sway D & Zene The Zilla
  • I Be the Boss feat Hash Swan

Beside feature multiple artists, multiple producer work together with Ice Puff for the EP. Producer Chane, Vizard Beats, Flvt oon & Yoon.

Ice Puff Welcome to Ice Den Music Video



Ice Puff SMTM 777 2nd Round

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