Baek Yerin Every Letter i Sent You | Blue Vinyl 1st Album

Baek Yerin is now debut with a new family, Blue Vinyl.She’s start new activities with a new family, Baek Yerin Every Letter i Sent You album.

Baek Yerin Every Letter i Sent You

Baek Yerin part ways with JYP entertainment earlier this year. Afterwards starting new with the family of Blue Vinyl. As a part of Blue Vinyl, Baek Yerin release her 1st album Every Letter I Sent You.

Baek Yerin Every Letter i Sent You apple music :

  • Intro
  • Rest
  • Popo (How Deep is Your Love)
  • Can I B U
  • Meant to Be
  • Mr. Gloomy
  • Lovelovelove
  • Bunny
  • 0310
  • Berlin
  • Datoom
  • Not a Girl
  • New Song2
  • Amy
  • True Lover
  • Point feat Loopy


Baek Yerin leaves a letter for everyone who listen to the album :

Every letter I sent you.

This album reflects memories, dilemmas, and thought processes I had from when I was nineteen to twenty three. With no specific address, I’ve been mailing my feelings in form of songs. And I’m really glad that I can finally mail them to you all. This album is my way of thanking everyone who has been loving me and supporting my journey as a musician.

Lots of love

Baek Yerin Square (2017) audio

Square (2017) is an unreleased song that Baek Yerin already perform multiple times in events & festival. The song is loved by everyone yet it could only be watched & listened  through fancams before. Now the wait is over and i’ve been repeating this song through streaming app, Square is that addictive to listen.



The songs inside the album is loved by everyone including fellow musician in the music industry, it’s also top music charts after it released! Not only Square, there’s also more songs inside Baek Yerin album that released as Music Video.

Baek Yerin 0310 Music Video

Baek Yerin Popo (How deep is your Love) Music Video

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