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Kang Min  Hee is back! The  R&B singer from Brand New Music is back with a new single. her voice gave warmth in the cold winter, Kang Min Hee Open Ending

Kang Min Hee Open ending

Kang Min hee debut as a solo singer in 2013 with a single Miss You. Actually before that, Kang Minhee already active in the music industry as a part of Miss $, a female group under Brand New Music. Now Kang Min Hee is back with a new track titled Open Ending. Let’s take a listen


Kang Min Hee Open Ending Music Video

Just like a novel/movie but without an ends. Open Ending is a R&B song that tell a story about a relationship with the loved one that will last forever. Open ending is produced by producer team OUOW, who already produce track for Brand New music artist such as AB6IX, Kanto BDC & Kang Minhee herself.



Kang Minhee cover I have a boyfriend (Original Park Jin young I have a girlfriend)

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