Giriboy Fatal album III | With Physical album

Two things never stop, The day/night Cycle & Giriboy release new Music. Yup, there’s another music that Giriboy release! This time it’s an album, Giriboy Fatal ALbum III.

Giriboy Fatal Album

Fatal album series were Giriboy first album that he release back in 2012. Still 22 years old rookie at that time, Giriboy early Fatal Album I consist of hit tracks such as planned Girl & Different Look. 7 years has passed and GIriboy is already established artist with more than 260 songs release under his name. Now, he release Fatal album III.

Giriboy Fatal album III tracklist

  • A Star is falling
  • Snow Sweeping
  • Whats wrong feat Yunhway
  • The time is Now
  • Going Home
  • Hate You feat Ahn Byung Woong
  • Sunny day feat Nafla
  • Beggar feat Yunhway, Jhnovr & Justhis

There’s actually 14 more tracks inside that you can listen through physical album. Giriboy put a lot of effort & thought to the physical album, that have many interesting stuff inside!

Giriboy Snow Sweeping Music Video



Giriboy The Time is Now Music Video

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