Khundi Panda Dejavu Group | Release AMA with Bewhy

Dejavu Group Keep making moves! Formerly a one man agency of Bewhy, they now recruit one more artist, Khundi Panda Dejavu Group.

Khundi Panda Dejavu

Khundi Panda is the 3rd artist of Dejavu Group following Bewhy & producer Viann. Beside known for his stint on SMTM 5, Khundi Panda also won 2018 Korean Music Awards for Best Hip Hop album alongside Dejavu group member producer Viann. He’s also a part of 30 crew that just been formed recently with Viann, Dsel, Heesoo & Simba Zawadi.


Khundi Panda AMA produced by Bewhy

Khundi Panda Dejavu Group activities start right away with the release of AMA. The track is produced by fellow Dejavu Group artist Bewhy, mark their first of many to comes collaboration.



Mic Swagger Season 4 episode 3 Khundi Panda

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