AVIN Tranche | 1st EP of DJ & Producer AVIN

AViN comeback! We’ve been waiting for quite some time, DJ/Producer AVIN release his 1st EP recently, AVIN Tranche.

AVIN Tranche

Producer/DJ Avin start producing track in 2017 for Younha. Since then Avin not only been busy active as DJ in both korea & overseas but working with top artists such as Haon & James Reid. The later one become a hit song titled Risky. Now, Avin is back with a new EP titled Tranche!

Avin Tranche EP tracklist

  • Dirty Lovely feat Coogie & Sokodomo
  • Take it Away feat Penomeco & pH-1
  • OMW Feat So!Yoon! & Dbo
  • Whole Wheel
  • Grotesque feat Haon & mad Clown
  • War feat Justhis
  • Love all creation
  • Weekend feat Goopy & leellamarz

Tranche means a portion of something or section in French. The EP tell a story about parts of AVIN, including the feelings of love, anger & music of AVIN.

AVIN ‘Take it Away; feat Penomeco & pH-1



AVIN War feat Justhis

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What do you think of AVIN 1st EP?  Does AVIN Music style suit your taste?


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