Koreangroove Yagwang 2 | First LP of Koreangroove

Koreangroove is back, with a first LP by the rapper of FRIEMILLI. Include 12 songs, Koreangroove Yagwang 2 show diverse musicality of Koreangroove.

Koreangroove Yagwang 2

Have been active in 2019. This is the 3rd project of Koreangroove in 2019 : Yagwang EP, 25ummer EP & the latest one Yagwang 2 LP. In total Koreangroove already release & features in 34 songs this year. TMI : Koreangroove also joined this year SMTM 8, but eliminated early in the program and didnt get much of an airtime.


KoreanGroove Yagwang 2 LP tracklist

  • In Progress feat The Quiett, & Don Sign
  • Dusty Seoul
  • I’m Off
  • Lazy Hawaii
  • Picture perfect feat Chamane
  • Moment feat Make a movie
  • North Seoul feat Lil Poet & Boo Hyunseok
  • Moon Slide feat Dawn Dox
  • Ching!
  • Talent
  • Let the Memories Go feat Zene The Zilla
  • My Cosmos

Korean Groove Dusty Seoul & Lazy Hawaii


Korean Groove Moon Slide




Korean Groove North Seoul feat Lil Poet & Boo Hyunseok

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