Golden H1GHRMUSIC | Rebrand from G Soul

H1GHRMUSIC new artist is Golden! Isn’t G Soul already a member of H1GHRMUSIC? Yup! G Soul have rebrand with the new stage name Golden, Golden H1GHRMUSIC.


Few days ago, H1IGHRMUSIC announce new artist. The new artist is someone we really familiar with, G soul or now known as Golden. This decision didnt come so sudden, actually it’s been a long time that he’s been pondering to change his stage name and headed to new direction. Now as Golden, he’s ready to show more things to his fans, are you ready for the next chapter?

Golden H1GHRMUSIC New artist

Kim Jihyun (G soul/Golden real name) discharged from the military is one of the best news in this year, 2019. In the army he’s finally found a new stage name for himself, Golden. He wanted to shine brightly in the world, just like Gold. Golden gonna release his first music titled ‘Hate Everything’ on 11th of December 2019.



Golden Vlog Ep 1

For anyone curious why H1GHRMUSIC ‘new artist’ is Someone that their already signed. It’s actually happened before when producer Thurxday rebrand as a new artist name Mokyo. So it’s not the first occasion of the events of the ‘new artist’.

Make sure to follow Golden on Instagram : @g_theprince . Don’t miss out on Golden update!



What do you think of Golden H1GHRMUSIC? Looking forward to the next chapter of Golden.

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