Osshun Gum Memory | 1st EP of Choi Hamin

Osshun Gum 1st EP! Choi Hamin of Just Music release a new EP that filled with track that sounds familiar to his fans, Osshun Gum Memory.

Osshun Gum Memory

Osshun Gum or also known with his real name Choi Hamin is a finalist of School Rapper season 1. Join Just Music afterwards, Osshun Gum debut with a song titled ‘Life`s a Dream’. In 2019 Osshun GUm have been active release music through Soundcloud platform, some of the songs from his soundcloud is released through Memory EP.

Osshun Gum Memory EP Tracklist

  • Osshun Waves¬†
  • Dream Girl feat Wet Boyz
  • Ossh-! Ossh-!
  • New World feat FNRL
  • Nop-Eun

Osshun Gum New World feat FNRL



Osshun Gum Osshun Waves

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