Suran Wait For You | Ballad Song Highlight Suran Voice

Suran new ballad song is released! Ballad? Yup, Suran new song is a ballad song that highlight her voice, Suran Wait For You.

Suran Wait For You

Suran debut in 2014 with a single I Feel. We know Suran as R&B singer who always drop a great R&B bops to jam over the years. But what if Suran sings ballad? That just happened because Suran latest release is a ballad track titled Wait For You.


Suran Wait For You Music Video

Wait for you is a ballad song that tell a story about regret after breaking up with the loved ones. Suran Emotional voice resembles really well with the lyrics I‘ll be waiting for you, even though it’s harder than farewell, i want to go back with you”



This is not the first time Suran sing Ballad, as part of Drama OST, Suran often sing ballad songs to suit the drama vibes. Here’s Suran singing ‘I’ll Be fine‘ for Hwayugi Drama OST

Suran ‘I’ll Be Fine

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