The Best Hit Drama OST | Changmo As Always

The Best Hit Drama OST also involved korean hip hop artist Changmo! In 2017, Changmo release a song for the drama titled As Always.

The Best hit Drama OST

Throwback to 2 years ago when Changmo participate for The Best Hit Drama OST. The Best Hit (Also known as Hit The Top) is a drama that star Yoon Siyoon, Lee Seyoung, Kim Minjae and Cha Taehyun. A light slice of life romance drama with a twist because the main character time travel to the future and meet people related to him once again.


Changmo I Always

I always released when the main character start to fall in love, just like the intro of the lyrics “When i See you, when i see you asleep, i remember when we first met, your still so beautiful’  The song is self produce, written & arranged by Changmo himself which release when he just joined Ambition Musik.



Changmo just keep rising. recently, after become the producer of SMTM 777, changmo have been participate in multiple hit tracks including the iconic Band that nominated to Multiple award. Changmo also plan to release a new album on 29th of November 2019.

Changmo Beautiful

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