Toil Skinny Brown Collaboration EP | Tokinny Brown

Toil Skinny Brown collaboration, Wayside Town here we go! Wayside Town producer & rapper collaborate for a new EP based on their name Tokkinny Brown.

Toil Skinny Brown

Wayside town just keep rising! Toil is a producer from Wayside town who already produce multiple hit track including Ash Island Paranoid & Empty Head. Skinny Brown is a rapper, also from Wayside Town, just officially debut in 2019 but already have 2 collaboration EP. First collaboration EP is with Keem Hyoeun & the latest one is Tokkinny Brown alongside produced Toil that just released.

Toil Skinny Brown Tokkinny Brown tracklist

  • Sorry feat Ash Island
  • Go Sweat feat Leellamarz
  • SOS feat Changmo
  • Don’t flex on me feat Jayci Yucca & Keem Hyoeun
  • Snakes feat Hash Swan

Toil x Skinny Brown SOS feat Changmo



Ash Island Paranoid prod by Toil


Skinny Brown Fire feat Ash Island

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