Viann The Baker Album | 1st Album as Dejavu Group

Producer Viann release a new album! The album gonna be the 1st album as Dejavu Gruop member. Let’s take a listen to Viann The Baker album.

Viann The Baker

Producer Viann is the new member of Dejavu Group! An Agency that just going public after a long time as one person agency for Bewhy. As the new member, Viann debut with Less Viann album in 2014, as a producer, DJ & Beatkmaker Viann already produce in total of 72 songs (including for others). Now Viann is back with a new album titled The Baker.

Viann The Baker album tracklist

  • Color me bad
  • Cigarette feat Hyunjun Lee
  • Got it all feat Jinbo
  • Menace feat Khundi panda
  • Dimension feat HYNGSN
  • Home
  • 4ㄹ5 feat Sumin & Khundi panda
  • HUB
  • Jealousy feat HYNGSN
  • Golden Fleece feat Bewhy
  • Maknae feat Not easy
  • Test. feat Eden HighWay
  • Your Truth in a word that makes me unhappy feat Noogi
  • Between 0 & 1 feat Hoody 
  • Money With FRNK

Maslow Pyramid of needs. According to Abraham Maslow human needs is categorized starting from Physiological needs to Self Actualization. So Does Viann that share that this album is his own Maslow pyramid of needs. From the first three song that about desire and keep going in the next songs to more complex message & music.

Viann Got it all feat Jinbo



Viann between 0 & 1 feat Hoody

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What do you think of Viann The Baker album? Does Viann music style suit your taste?