Slchld Whoosh Bittersweet EP | 86 Line friend Collaboration

Singer songwriter Slchld & Producer Whoosh collaboration! Both is known for their Soundcloud music, now they release a collaboration EP. Slchld Whoosh Bittersweet.

Slchld Whoosh Bittersweet

Slchld is one of the most popular Soundcloud artist with many songs released & many listener. Producer Whoosh also have more songs release in Soundcloud compared to official release. Both 96 liners also met on that music platform Soundcloud by listening to each other songs and eventually meet in April, 2019. You can follow Slchld Soundcloud & Whoosh Soundcloud for more of their music

Slchld Whoosh Bittersweet EP tracklist

  • Still friends not Lovers
  • Harbor
  • Bellflower
  • Changes feat Lym En
  • Undo feat KALLITECHNIS

Slchld Whoosh Bittersweet EP tell a story about love journey. Starting from the beginning of Sweet love, the time when love blooms to bitter farewell. “Hey whoosh”¬†That’s the signature sound of producer Whoosh that combine Synth-pop, R&B, hip hop & Lo-FI music in this EP. TMI : Slchld also become the art director for this collaboration project.

Slchld x Whoosh Still friends not Lovers audio



Slchld x Whoosh Bellflower

Make sure to follow Slchld & Whoosh on Instagram : @slchld & @heywhoosh.



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