Loco Profile | While Waiting for Police Officer

Loco is currently busy as Police officer, serving his mandatory military service. While we wait for Loco to return, let’s check Loco profile.

Loco profile

Loco profile

Name : Kwon Hyukwoo
Date of Birth : 25th of December 1989
Agency : AOMG
Height : 174 cm
Debut : 2012
Participate : SMTM 1 (Contestant), SMTM 4 (Producer)
Instagram ; Apple Music : Spotify


Why the Stage name Loco?

Before we start Loco profile, Why the stage name Loco? Loco is spanish word that means Crazy, It’s because Loco is a weak to alcohol and goes crazy when he drink too much, so that’s why the stage name is Loco. TMI :He used to have stage name Demaine. The Stage name is given by GRAY when both of them in university.


Pre debut Brainswords & SMTM 1

Loco profile already started even before he debut. Loco goes to Hongik University, department of economics planning to living a normal life as a banker. But he met GRAY who encourage Loco to do Music & rapper. He join Brainswords, a hip hop club in the university, Brainswords also have Woo Wonjae, Hoody & Ja Mezz as the member of the club.



Being musician is not easy. Loco know that firsthand, he try out on the first season of now a prime time survival program Show Me The Money. Loco become the first winner of SMTM! Winning the competition doesn’t mean it’s gonna be easy for Loco.

Loco SMTM 1 1st round

Loco Debut. Sign with AOMG

Loco debut! Loco debut with a single titled see the light featuring GRAY, but that’s all. Loco signed into agency that didn’t really support him as an artist. He barely have any jobs, performance gig & can’t create / release new music. He can’t even get out of the agency because the agency state that he need to pay 200 Million won of cancellation fee if he leave the agency. Here comes Jay Park.


Jay park help Loco by invite him to join the new hip hop agency AOMG. Jay Park pays the cancellation fee for Loco and Loco pays Jay Park back afterwards since Loco debut track with AOMG Hold Me Tight feature Crush top music charts



Loco Crew : Satgot Crew & VV:D

Did you know why Loco Instagram username is @Satgotloco ??? It’s because he’s a part of Satgot Crew !! Satgot is a crew that Loco & Friends form in High school for music event, they got their name from a sauna place in front of their school. They still a best friend nowadays and been supporting each other member.



Loco is also a member of VV:D Crew. A crew with other powerful soloist such as : ELO, GRAY, Crush & Zion T. Recently VV:D Crew make a reunion without Loco who currently busy serve his mandatory military service. Everyone missed Loco.

GRAY, Loco & Crush


Locomotive & SMTM 4 Producer

Loco profile continue with the first album Locomotive is a huge success. Just to name a few, You Don’t know & Thinking about you become a hit track from Locomotive album. Loco also held a solo concert with the same title in 2018.


After joined AOMG. Loco also being invited to become the producer/Judges of Show Me The Money Season 4 alongside Jay Park. Not only found & support his team (Geegooin, Lil Boi, Dayday & Sik-k). There’s also the song respect which remixed & release in the program, still one of the best SMTM song.

SMTM 4 Respect




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