MBA Trip | 1st full length album of the Crew

MBA Is back! After having an adventure on AOMG Sign Here, the crew now is back with a full team and release their 1st full length album, MBA Trip.

MBA Trip

Most Badass Asian (MBA) Debut in 2015 with a track titled no problem. This year, 2019 have been a great adventure for the crew member who join survival program such as SMTM & AOMG Sign Here. TMI : They even add 2 new member to the crew ; Munchman & Annyeungjaebee.


MBA Trip album tracklist 

  • Trap House feat EK & BOLA
  • Party Monster feat EK, Bola & Make A Movie
  • Drip feat EK, Bola & Make A Movie
  • Everyday our season feat EK, Bola, Woodie Gochild & Zene The Zilla
  • Real Talk feat EK & Simon Dominic
  • Lambo feat EK, Bola & Make A Movie
  • Jet Ski feat EK, Bola & The Quiett
  • China feat EK & Bola
  • I Know feat EK & Bola
  • Paradise feat EK, Bola, Make a movie & BIgone

All the tracks inside the EP is produced by MBA producer Neal. There’s also one of my favorite unreleased track by MBA who made it into title track of TRIP Album titled Lambo.

MBA Lambo Music Video



MBA Trap House Music Video

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