A-Chess Journeyman Mixtape | After SMTM 8 ended

A-chess Journeyman Mixtape. SMTM 8 Contestant A Chess is back with a new mixtape! Are you a fan of A chess in the program?

A-Chess Journeyman

A-Chess journey maybe over too early on SMTM 8. Despite winning the eventual 1 vs 1 battle against Veiniyfl, A-Chess were eliminated by the producer before the 5th round began. Already debut since 2015, A Chess already release 20 track including the latest one, Journeyman Mixtape.

A-chess Journeyman mixtape tracklist

  • A$AP Chess Freestyle
  • Rebuildin’ feat Dsel
  • Journeyman
  • Hometown Hero feat Chamane
  • Slow Starter
  • Uniform feat Mahaskaa & Young Trill
  • Bonnet feat Mahaskaa
  • Hustlin’
  • Kick off feat Kianti
  • Skillz Remix feat QM, Snacky Chan, Siggie Feb, & chillin Homie (Bonus track)

Journeyman is a mixtape that inspired by his favorite sports, Football/soccer.

A-Chess Slow Starter audio



A-chess vs Veiniyfl SMTM 8

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What do you think of A-Chess Journeyman Mixtape? Does A-Chess music style suit your taste?