Dbo Horse | New Single | Lands Advertising Job

Horse Horse Horse, Dbo New single have a really catchy hook! Not only a song for his solo concert, the new song also land Dbo advertising job!

Dbo Horse

Dbo prove this year that 5 years ago was a mistake. Joining SMTM 8 again this year, Dbo going further in the survival program with his own music style. Not only constantly release music & gaining new fans along the way, Dbo also held several solo concert, a feat that well deserved for Dbo who have been working hard against criticism for the past 5 years.


Dbo Horse

Horse was release yesterday, 17th of November 2019 right before Dbo Sticky wire concert. Horse is produced by fellow FPL Crew member Jaydubb who already work with Dbo in the past.



The track Horse also been modified earlier for advertising! Dbo Change the lyrics of horse into the one that suit the advertising product.

Dbo Advertising

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