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Zion T Starting out as musician that sounds too unique to a digital monster that top music charts whenever he release new song. Let’s check out Zion T Profile

Zion T Profile

Zion T profile

Name : Kim Haesol
Date of BIrth : 13th of April 1989
Label : The Black Label
Debut : 2011 (Click Me)
Height : 178 cm
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Zion.T stage name?

Before we start Zion T profile, why the stage name Zion.T? Zion come from holy mountain near Jerusalem & T means the cross. 


Zion.T pre debut

Zion.T actually want to become a painter or an illustrator when he’s still young, yet he ended up purse music because art equipment is expensive (ended up knowing tha music is as if not more expensive). Zion.T appear in music scene in 2009, release unofficial track tatooist & featured in MC Crow & G Slow tracks.



Officially debut in 2011 with a track Click Me featuring Dok2. Zion.T shook the Korean Music Industry by his unique style of singing. In an episode of Yoo Heeyeol Sketchbook Zion.T share that he’s used to be hurt & flustered when people laughed at his unique style of sing. The unique style of singing is because he need to practice singing & record silently in his small room so he didnt disturb other family member.

Zion.T Click Me feat Dok2

Zion.T VV:D, Amoeba Culture & Red Light

Zion.T Found one of the biggest name crew in Korea music scene : VV:D. VV:D member is powerful solo musician who have become a successful artist & household name in South korea Music Industry : Zion.T, Loco, ELO, GRAY & Crush.



Zion.T join Amoeba Culture & release the album Red Light on 2013. The album were lauded by critics and win Korean Music Awards 2013 as best R&B/Soul album.

Zion T Babay feat Gaeko

Infinite challenge, opportunities, Yanghwa Bridge

Zion T profile continue with the 2nd chapter of his career : infinite Challenge. Despite already starting to goes high in music charts, general public still doesnt know who Zion.T is. That change when Zion.T become a guest on Infinite Challenge, his quirky personality add more to his charms.


After a successful stint in Infinity Challenge Music festival, Zion.T get invited to many more tv programs where his song Yanghwa Bridge become a sensation that year. Even goes back up to music charts 9 months after the song released. Yanghwa Bridge also show one of Zion.T most powerful strength, his lyrics.

Zion.T Yanghwa Bridge



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