Two Yoo Sugarman Season 3 | Heize as main cast

Two Yoo Sugarman Season 3! After a successful 2 season, JTBC bring back the program that introduce us to legendary & timeless korean songs from the past.

Two Yoo Sugarman Season 3

JTBC Decide to introduce new cast for the 3rd season of the program, Heize! Heize will join Yoo Jaesuk, Yoo Heeyeol & Kim Eana every single week. Two Yoo Project Sugarman is a program that bring nostalgic old songs back through remake by talented guest artist. Air on 29th of November 2019, don’t miss out the new season of Two Yoo project Sugarman!


Pre episode launch of Two Yoo Sugarman Season 3


With Ha Sungwoon ‘Gather my tears (original Seo Jiwon)

Heize herself currently have an ongoing remake project herself : ‘Dahye Remake project’ where Heize gonna remake legendary old songs into Heize style of music. So far there’s 2 songs that Heize already remake : 1. Diary (Original Candyman) 2. With ha Sungwoon Gather My tears (Original Seo Jiwon)



Heize Remake Diary (original Candyman)

Make sure to follow Heize on Instagram : @Heizeheize . Don’t miss out on Heize update!



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