Mushvenom Let Me Know | Keep going with SLO

Mushvenom is back! Now with a new track that once again produced by beatmaker SLO, Mushvenom Let Me know

Mushvenom Let me know

 |Wae ili sikkeuleoun geosinya ?? wae ili sikkeuleoun geosilkka??” That’s the catchy hook of Mushvenom track Why Are You So Noisy that have been getting super popular since its release. Mushvenom now continue his streak since SMTM 8 ends, continue to make music that fun to listen, catchy hook and most importantly, can’t get it out of your head once you listen to it.


Mushvenom Let Me know

Once again, Mushvenom work with producer SLO for the song. Let Me Know Music video that directed by 4kgold is a continuation of the story from the 1st song Why Are You So Noisy that’s gone viral. It also include the cast from previous Music video, including Mushvenom friends.



Mushvenom have been appear on multiple channel since the 1st song going viral : 1thek Flex Zone, culture neon The LIve Class & Mic Swagger Season 5.

Mushvenom Mic Swagger 5 episode 3

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