OSAMARI Journey 1 | Full team SIgn Here and SMTM

OSAMARI is back! Both Sign here contestant (Qwala, Walter & Frogman) & SMTM 8 contestant (Slick o’Domar) join this project of Osamari Journey 1 Single album.

OSAMARI Journey 1

OSAMARI have been having a great year in 2019. Qwala, walter & Frogman goes as far as top 6 in AOMG survival show Sign here. Slick O’domar meanwhile goes further on this year SMTM 8, joining 40 crew before eliminated in the 4th round. Now the whole¬† team is back, OSAMARI!


OSAMARI Candy feat OLNL audio

OSAMARI at SIgn Here

Slick O’domar at SMTM 8

Make sure to follow Osamari crew on Instagram :@Osa_qwala ; @Osa_walter ; @Osa_frogman ; @osa_odomar . They plan to release 2nd part of Journey soon!


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What do you think of Osamari Journey 1? Does their music style suit your taste?