Ice Puff Midnight Swerve | Happy Birthday Lee Dongmin!

Ice Puff is back! More known by his real name Lee Dongmin, who join School rapper 1 & SMTM 777, he release new track on his birthday. Ice Puff Midnight Swerve.

Ice Puff Midnight Swerve

Ice Puff first appear on Korean hip hop scene by participating in School rapper season 1. He once again try his luck on Survival show, this time make a great impression as one fifth of Saimsaim gang (Team Changmo & The QUiett). Lee Dongmin plan to release his 1st EP soon, go take a listen to the song so (as Lee Dongmin write) he can eat more mandu!


ICe Puff Midnight Swerve feat Razyboyocean

Happy Birthday to Ice Puff / Lee Dongmin! On 10th of November 2019, Ice puff celebrate his birthday by release a new track titled Midnight Swerve. Ice make you freeze! That’s the signature sound of Ice puff that we gonna hear more in few weeks because he plan to release new EP on 5th of December 2019.



Check out Lee Dongmin perform Saimsaim on SMTM 777

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