Hoody Fresh | For tvN Drama Melting Me Softly OST

Hoody participate in tvN Melting Me Drama Softly OST. Have you watch the drama yet?? Let’s listen to the OST first, Hoody Fresh.

Hoody Fresh

Hoody is really active recently, just release her 1st full album Departure. Now Hoody is back with a new Drama OST for Melting me softly drama that air on tVN network. This is the 2nd drama OST that hoody participate in 2019, the 1st drama OST project that Hoody participate is KBS Drama Doctor Prisoner OST.


Hoody Fresh for tvN Drama Melting me softly OST

tvN Melting me softly drama is a light romance drama with a ‘sci-fi’ plot. The two main character is frozen for 20 years due to a conspiracy (Should’ve been 24 hours). They need to stay warm (above 31.5 degree Celsius) to stay alive, naturally the love between two of them blossom which Hoody tell through the song ‘Fresh’.



Hoody Fresh English lyrics snippet

My heart is fresh (all day fresh)
You came into me
The world is fresh (all day fresh)
Feel Like Yoohoo

Why, why
Am I thinking about you all day again?
Clearly, this is love
I think it’s love

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Hoody Eyes for KBS Drama Doctor Prisoner OST

Make sure to follow Hoody on Instagram : @Hoodykim . She also participate in Jay Park North America tour recently!



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