I Live Alone ep 151 & 159 2016 | Crush episode

Crush appear on I Live Alone ep 151 & 159 episode back in 2016, he even become a member of the cast! Shin Hyoseob have a memorable moment in the program.

I LIve ALone ep 151

Crush first become a guest on episode 151 alongside Eric Nam. Crush unique personality & charms make other cast member & PD make Crush one of the cast member of the program, even only for a short term. Lets check out what happen in I LIve Alone Ep 151 & 159


Crush morning activities

Crush start the episode by playing a piano with his dog Doyou after he just woke up. Totally random right ?? That’s Crush for You. Crush live alone because he have different sleeping pattern and working schedule than the rest of the family, he also have been wanting to live alone for quite some time.


Crush only eats instant food at home, he’s clumsy aswell so the food were all over the place.

Chef Crush

Crush in the air

In the episode, Crush meet Zico & Staytuned, they working together on Crush album ‘Interlude’ EP back in 2016. Crush have a great chemistry especially with the Zico when they working together on the track ‘Oasis’. The two best friend now part of the same crew Fanxychild.





Crush have a fun & loving family. Especially his father who were really funny and steal the scene in the episode. Crush father also loves music, once upon a time he invite little 4 years old Crush to go to Karaoke and Crush ended up singing alone at Karaoke for 2 hours. Crush & father also go together to Karaoke place once more, singing together likethey used to do.

Crush Father, go to karaoke together

Crush Spacing out competition

Yes that’s the name of the actual contest : Spacing out competition. The contestant gonna space out while their heart rate getting checked by the judges. And yes, Crush is the winner of the competition back in 2016. He become a headline of South Korea news article afterwards.



Crush winning the Spacing put competition

Bonus : Crush watching TWICE to practice for Spacing out competition

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