Simon Dominic 2019 Activities | Ending the Year Strongly

Simon Dominic 2019 activities. It’s been busy year once again for Simon Dominic after his long hiatus in 2016 – 2018

Simon Dominic 2019



Before Simon Dominic 2019 start. Quit as AOMG CEO

Simon Dominic addressed his re-positioning at AOMG in his song, Me No Jaypark. He felt relieved by reading people’s comments toward the song. “Someone asked me if I feel like I’ve recovered my self-esteem. When I go on stage to perform, I get a lot of confidence. So when I released the songs, and I went on stage with the new songs, all my pride was restored.



Simon Dominic went back and forth finding his actual self. “. I‘ve been doubting myself ever since. ‘You’re not going to like it anymore.’ ‘I’m sure you don’t like any lazy new X like you.’ But when I got to the top, the audience loved me. And when I started communicating, I started thinking, “Oh, this is me.“”


Reminiscing His Old Days

Simon Dominic wanted to go back to his rapping style in his early career stage by releasing DAx4. “When I recorded “DAx4” for the first time and played it to the people around me, I was like, “Oh, you’re back in the old days.” So many people said, “Oh, you’re back in the old days.” So I thought it would be okay to write this song as the first sign.”

When asked about whether he has changed lately, he said, Actually, I’m the same. I felt good. You mean you feel young. It reminds me of the days of 2006, ‘07, ‘08 when I was young.”

Simon Dominic Bonus track from 1st Mixtape i Just wanna rhyme


Collaborate with Yumdda

Yumdda’s popularity is getting higher in the sky. Simon Dominic had collaborated with Yumdda before Dingo DAMOIM project started. “I asked him when he started to go up. It’s been about a month or two. I liked all the people who featured me. I thought it would be okay if I had Yumdda’s voice on the beat, so I just talked about it.”



Simon Dominic said it is Goosebumps effort that made him could collaborate with Yumdda. “I’ve rarely worked with him, so I’d like to know how he feels. He said he was close to Goosebumps, so I asked for it briefly. But he sent it in about 3 to 40 minutes. I just wanted to feel it, but it’s so good that I joined the group.”

Goes Karaoke with Fellow Damoim


Old Crew IK (Illest Konfusion)

In the lyrics of DAx4, Simon Dominic mentioned the old crew, ‘IK.’ It was the most attached crew for him.? “IK was good memory, the most fun time. But I have not been great leader. I was lack of a lot as a leader. In fact, I am the only remaining member who is in the industry. It is a little sad. How about if I was a leader? However, I was so selfish, and I have taken care of my busy life busy.”

Simon Dominic may work with some of the IK members in the future. “I recently talked with JTONG. That’s so funny, he was one of the brothers that have been there one day and stand together. I wanted to share something with IK members.”


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