Choi Seohyun Myundo House Party | Song from Sign Here

Ballin all day is back! Choi Seohyun Myundo is back with a House Party EP. A song that getting enormous reaction at Sign Here.

Choi Seohyun Myundo

Choi Seohyun is a master of Survival program. He already join all of hip hop survival show there is: SMTM 6, 777, School rapper 1 & AOMG SIgn Here. The latest one is where Choi Seohyun goes quite far, until top 9! He’s also the only contestant that got an ALL PASS from the ptoducer & panelist in the 1st round.


Choi Seohyun Myundo House party tracklist

  • Invitation
  • House Party
  • Dumb & Dumber
  • Over n Over
  • Another Day


Choi Seohyun Myundo House party Music Video

Choi Seohyun got an All pass from the producer & panelist in the 1st round, the song that he perform? House Party! A not so new song that was released back in september, House Party Music video finally released! House Party is produced by producer  team Prismfilter.



At AOMG SIgn Here, Choi Seohyun & Myundo also collaborating with Leellamarz for a track ‘I can Be Your rockstar’ that produced by Ambition Musik producer Way Ched.

 I can be your Rockstar feat Myundo & Leellamarz prod by Way ched

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