Jeebanoff Good thing | 1st Full album from Jeebanoff

Jeebanoff comeback! With a full album. Check out Jeebanoff good thing, 1st full album of the singer from Goodtomeetyou.

Jeebanoff GOod Thing

Jeebanoff musical journey continue with Good thing album. He’s been releasing songs constantly since his debut on 2016, now already have more than 60 songs release & featured. Jeebanoff is also a part of Goodtomeetyou family with Jflow, Sep2, Ginger & Panda Gomm.


Jeebanoff good thing album tracklist

  • Paper Mache
  • Good Thing
  • Me and You
  • Luh You
  • Come Along with Me
  • Bad Girl
  • Calling
  • The Clouds
  • Guilty
  • Silence

In the past, Jeebanoff have been using ambigous words to describe his story, now in the album Jeebanoff become more clear & Straightforward, showing how his journey as an artist. Multiple producer helping produce the album : LNNN, Gianna, Art Haus,  & Mirrorboy. Resulted in various type of music in the album.

Jeebanoff Me and You live performance

Jeebanoff also held a release party for Good Thing album. The guest is : Changmo, Leellamarz, Sogumm, Panda Gomm, Deepshower, B Jyun and many more.



Jeebanoff Good thing album release party

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