Punchnello SMTM 8 Winner Car | Give it to his father

Punchnello SMTM 8 Winner! As always, the winner of Show Me The Money receive a car from the sponsor, this time it’s Punchnello!

Punchnello SMTM 8 winner

Punchnello win this year SMTM 8 that include 16 thousand participant. It’s not an easy journey of Punchnello that survive numerous hard battle, even being eliminated once in the process but survive in revival round. Beside become the 8th winner of SMTM, Punchnello also receive car as prize! The car is a car from Chevrolet Brand who have been an official sponsor of Show me The Money since last season.


Punchnello SMTM 8 winner Car, Give it to his father.

Punchnello invite best friend Woogie of H1GHRMUSIC to receive the winning prize car. After some unboxing Punchnello receive the full option car that he drive with Woogie to a familiar place for Punchnello, somewhere special. Punchnello gave the car to someone special, his father! As promised in instagram story, Punchnello give the winning SMTM 8 car to his father.



Last year, Nafla the winner of SMTM 777 also receive a winning car that he gave to his dear friend & runner up Loopy. There’s always a heartfelt story behind the rapper that full of swag on the stage. Most of the time, it’s not a story about Flexing their riches, but a heartfelt story about friendship.

Nafla gave the winning SMTM 777 car to Loopy

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