Young B Profile | Yang Hongwon Journey, Full Up & Downs

Young B is one of the hottest rappers right now. But who was him a couple years ago? Let’s look back at Young B journey!

Young B profile

Young B profile

Name : Yang Hongwon
Date of Birth : 12 January 1999
Official debut : 2015
Achivement : Winner of School rapper 1, Finalist of SMTM 8
Label : Indigo Music
Crew : Dickids
Apple Music, Spotify
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Pre Debut – 2014

Young B profile starts 5 years ago in 2014. He featuread in his friend Flashback Records released Bumby’s song. Yang Hongwon was featured as Borntong. TMI : Luda / Sureen / Unofficialboyy also featured in the track, still use the stage name Baddyhomie..


Young B SMTM 4

On July 2nd, 2015. Mnet’s SMTM 4 aired the second episode that featured Yang Hongwon rap during 60 seconds evaluation. Yang Hongwon earned much praise from the producers because he was only 10th that time. While other School rapper is dropping, Hongwon rise.



On July 16th, 2015 Episode 4 was aired. The episode were highlighted as the Snoop Dogg Cypher incident, Seo Chulgoo the freestyle rapper who should be the highlight of the cypher passed his microphone to Yang hongwon, One of the iconic moments of SMTM history.


Snoop Dogg Cypher Mission

Episode 5 was aired. Young B was eliminated because he was not picked by the team. Young B SMTm 4 journey is over.


Official Debut as Borntong

Yang Hongwon officially debuted as Borntong in LoxxPunxxman ‘Kings Blood’ album (who appeared on SMTM 8 and lose to Dbo). Borntong featured in a track Tyson words. TMI other rapper from Dickids crew also participate in the track.

TMI : Loxxpunkman vs Dbo SMTM 8



On November 27th, 2015, Borntong released a mixtape called “I’m the B from D”.


Young B reapplied for the second time because SMTM 4 cypher round was so frightening for him. He wanted to overcome his fear. Young B involved in freestyle battle outside the broadcasting area.

Young B SMTM 5 freestyle battle

Young B judged by Kush

Young B only got 2 passes from the producers. He went to “fair” class cypher with the rappers from the same group.

Young B was eliminated during 1-on-1 battle versus Dayday, The battle didnt make the cut to the episode, they both only posted it on SNS afterwards.

Unpretty Rapstar 3

Young B participated on UR 3 to compete with female rappers as part of SMTM 5 vs Unpretty Rapstar battle.




Young B Journey is still far from Over. There still more Young B Profile in the next page