AOMG SIgn Here ep 10 | Who is the winner??

After 10 episode, we finally reach the Final round of AOMG SIgn here Ep 10! The program that search for next AOMG Artist, AOMG choose …….

AOMG Sign Here Ep 10

After intense previous top 6 episode, it’s time for AOMG Sign Here Final!! There’s been many great music memorable moment & amazing musician that join this program. Honestly i want more of them to become the next AOMG artist, but as per rules said, there’s can only be one winner & one artist that join AOMG Sign here.


AOMG Sign Here ep 10 Final rules

  • Crowd + AOMG staff votes (Not including judges Jay park, Code Kunst, GRAY, Woo Wonjae & Simon Dominic)
  • Episode is Pre recorded (not LIVE) so there no live votes.



Meloh have been delivering great performance since the 2nd round, getting high scores & winning several rounds performance. But tonight Meloh is not on his peak condition, he even need an IV infusion after the rehearsal. Meloh still perform his best despite his health condition, good job meloh!



Sogumm of Balming tiger work with Simon Dominic for this performance. Simon Dominic not only rap but also sing for this performance that really complement Sogumm unique voice & musicality. Producer Dress make a beautiful track fit Sogumm last performance. TMI  Producer Dress just had a collaboration album with Sogumm.



Prior to his performance, Maddox ask advice from former opponent OLNL of Stoneship & WYBH regarding vocal effect. Maddox implement the lesson from OLNL really well, especially  in the end verse where the voice effect & autotune is on point. GRAY produce the track while Woo wonjae also participate in the performance as featured artist.



MBA have been surviving one elimination after another since the 2nd round. They here to show they not just lucky and perform their best performance to date. Jay Park also featured in the track, even have a dance moves together despite the lack of preparation thanks to AOMG Sign Here hectic schedule  (They only have less than 1 week to record the song and rehearse each round).



Bonus performance AOMG Sign Here ep 10 : AOMG judges


Final Score, AOMG Choose : Sogumm !

  • Sogumm : 265 vote
  • Maddox : 262 vote
  • MBA : 232 vote
  • Meloh : 172 vote


There’s not yet AOMG Sign Here ep 10 English subs. You can watch the raw episode HERE




What do you think about AOMG Sign Here ep 10 ?? It’s been great journey witness amazing musician & music. See you guys again on the next Hiphop / RNB Survival show!