Yang Dail Vincent Blue With Me | Dingo x Brand New Music

Yang Dail Vincent Blue collaboration! Thanks to the new project of Dingo Music x Brand New Music a track titled with me was born, lets check it out.

Vincent Blue Yang Dail

Yang Dail is the master of breakup songs, often goes high in music charts with relatable lyrics. Vincent Blue is theĀ  rookie of Brand New A, Brand New Music sub label. Both of them is a close friend and gonna participate in Dingo x Brand New Music project.


Yang Dail Vincent Blue ‘With me’

Not only best friends in real life, Vincent Blue & Yang Dail also show their chemistry when making music together. Both of them co written, compose & produce the result of the song. My Favorite part of the song is in 3:37 when Yang Dail note goes high, Vincent Blue goes even higher.



Before the release of new music, Vincent Blue & Yang Dail did a cover medley of old songs, western songs & each other songs. Check out below for their cover Medley

Vincent Blue cover Medley

Yang Dail cover Medley

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