INTEC Utopia | 2nd EP from Intec

INTEC Utopia. 2nd EP from Singer songwriter producer Intec with 6 tracks inside. Check out the new release of INTEC!

INTEC Utopia

Intec is a R&B singer that debut in 2017 with a single album titled Time Cafe, since then Intec already release 20 track and become a part of project duo name Unofficial. Unofficial is a project group with JESE who also help co produce INTEC new EP Utopia.


INTEC Utopia Tracklist

  • Utopia feat Corduroy
  • Not enough feat Sten
  • Zebra
  • Ecstatic Move feat eugene
  • Deeply
  • Turn

INTEC UTOPIA feat Corduroy Music Video

“Can i Call you JESE?” That’s the signature sound of INTEC friend JESE who also a part of project duo Unofficial. INTEC A R&B song with a touch of electronic element, Utopia is a song where emotion such as Frustation, greed & Love intersect. The track also feature singer songwriter Corduroy!



INTEC also sometimes did a cover of other popular song through youtube channel.  TMI : HE’s also a bass player and did a bass cover of many other songs.

INTEC cover ‘Snapping’ original by Chungha.

Bonus : INTEC ‘Madday’

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What do you think of INTEC Utopia ?? Does the music style suit your taste?