Paloalto Album | Love Money & Dreams full

Paloalto album! Release in several parts, Love Money & Dreams were a project of Hi-Lite records CEO Paloalto.

Love MoneY & Dreams album release in 4 parts. The project start when Love Money & Dreams part 1 is released in May 2019 as a single album. Beside managing company Hi-lite records, Paloalto were also busy shooting for a new hip hop program ‘My Major is HIp hop‘  that haven’t been broadcast yet.


Paloalto Album Love Money & Dreams tracklist

  • Grind
  • Dead feat Kid Milli
  • Get it
  • It aint Love
  • Battle Scars feat G2 & Illinit
  • Promised land feat Bewhy
  • Move on 
  • The greatest Part 2 feat feat Los, Changmo & Owel Mood
  • Ijuswanna feat Ted Park & pH-1


Every Single album that was released also accompanied with a Music Video. Here’s every Music video that was released. There’s 2 Music video (Move on & Dead) where fellow rapper & Paloalto friends participate as a cameo, can you name them all?

Paloalto The Greatest part 2 feat Los, Changmo & Owell

Paloalto Move on Music Video

Paloalto It Ain’t Love Music video

Paloalto Dead feat Kid Milli Music video

Paloalto Promised Land special live clip

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