Jvcki wai Indigo Music Part Ways | Mutually agree to end contract

Jvcki wai Indigo Music Parr Ways. The sudden news comes today 25th of October 2019 through Indigo Music Instagram.

Jvcki wai Indigo Music

Today 25th of October 2019, , Jvcki wai part ways with Indigo Music. In the official announcement through Indigo Music official Instagram. This news comes as a surprise to everyone, consider that last week she just featured in Giriboy track ‘Tiger Den’. There still no information available regarding Why Jvcki wai decided to part ways with the company.


Indigo Music official announcement :

Jvcki wai Indigo

“Hello this is Indigo Music

Jvcki wai as of October 25, 2019 has mutually agreed with us to end the exclusive contract .

Please keep an eye on Jvcki wai future activities. Also send love & support. We also going to support Jvcki wai future activities, Thank you.”



Jvcki wai Instagram Story :

“Thanks for all the love for Jvcki wai of Indigo Music
Watch Ma next move”

Jvcki wai Enchanted propaganda

Jvcki wai Indigo music partnership is on 18th of January 2018, release track ‘Hyperreal’ afterwards. As Indigo Music artist, Jvcki wai have release Enchanted propaganda album, hit track ‘Dding‘ & have iconic verse in GRAY 119 remix.



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Jvcki Wai Indigo Music part ways, leave behind many good memories together. What do you think of this decision ? Let us know in the comment section below!


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