Heize Late autumn | Spend the season WIth Heize

Heize comeback! With a new EP that suit this season, Autumn. Let’s spend the Season with Heize Late autumn.

Heize Late autumn
Heize not only regularly top the chart whenever she release a song, She also regularly nominated by Korean music awards every year, including this year on 2019 where Heize nominated for 3 categories for MAMA 2019 : Best Female artist, Best hip hop / Urban Music with the song She’s Fine & Best collaboration We Don’t talk together with Giriboy & Suga of BTS.


Heize Late Autumn leaves tracklist

  • Falling Leaves are beautiful
  • Late autumn feat Crush
  • Diary
  • Daum feat Colde
  • Being freezed
  • Missed Call

Heize Falling leaves are Beautiful.

Heize already leave the breakup songs behind. Through the songs description Heize share :
When i see the leaves fall, i feel sad without knowing why
The cold winds make the leaves fall
Autumn goes and it becomes winter
leave’s only bare branches remains
after a cold winter
comes a lovely spring with blooming flowers
Just like love
its painful to say farewell right now
But it’s not the end
Love will come eventually
All the pain you had in the past
It’s just a preparation for a better story.”



Despite Heize new concept (not breakup songs anymore). there still news articles & reporters that write & share Heize breakup stories that already in the past. Heize clarify this on Instagram story that the news was already several years old and the news isnt appropriate for her recent comeback.

Heize ‘Daum‘ feat Colde audio

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