Outsider Profile | Fast paced Rapper & loving father

Known for his fast rap, Outsider isn’t heard that much recently. Where have he been? What is he doing now?? Let’s answer those question through Outsider Profile.

Outsider profile

Outsider Profile


Outsider profile , fastest rapper

Outsider were considered the fastest rapper in South Korea back in 2000’s. Outsider even try to break the world record as the fastest rapper in the world!  Outsider also have a track titled Loner, one of the most popular track of Outsider rapping fast & been covered by many others over the years.

Outsider Loner

Outsider & Sniper Sound

Outsider have a agency back in 2000’s, Sniper Sound. Sniper sound is an agency of MC Sniper that lead the hip hop movement back in 2000’s. Outsider have a great success as a musician under Sniper Sound. Yet their relation break down on 2010’s, both have an issue with each other, even file a lawsuit. Sniper sound disassemble on 2013, leave only memories behind.



Outsider also join SMTM 2. Yet he ended up worse, getting criticized by netizen of not improving & only show his fast pace rap. Eliminated in the 4th round.

Outsider SMTM 2

Outsider Tattoo feat Navi

Outsider also have songs that top the Music charts, The track ‘Tatoo’ feat Navi which released on 2015 top South Korea Music charts.


Not only a musician & rapper, Outsider also known as Rowoon Appa (father). In TV Program Return of the Superman back in 2017, Outsider appear as a loving father for Rowoon. Also take in Jang Moonbok (Producer 101) contestant to live in his home.

Outsider Rowoon appa

Outsider Activities nowadays : Motivational Speaker

It’s been 2 years since Outsider latest track, what is he doing nowadays?? Outsider is actually a motivational speaker! He’s going from school & universities encouraging South korea young generation.



Outsider also love reptile, He even become an ambassador for South korea reptile association! TMI : Outsider also have a reptile cafe, where yuo can hang out & spend your time with lovely reptile.

Outsider reptile cafe owner

Bonus : Outsider feature in K WIll Hypnotism

What do you think of Outsider ?? We still gonna update Outsider Profile in the future.