Lyn Farewell | A Ballad duet with George

Lyn Farewell with George. After a year, Lyn is back with a new track titled farewell in collaboration with R&B Singer George!

Lyn Farewell

Lyn is known more as a OST queen nowadays with the voice that suit any type of Drama. Lyn actually starting out as R&B singer early in her career. Debut in 2002, Lyn even nominated in best R&B singer awards in MNET Asian Music Awards back in 2004! Already release more than 300 songs, Lyn now back with a duet with R&B Singer George, titled Farewell.


Lyn Farewell feat George

George once again show his versatility. Part of WYBH Crew, George not only can feature in hip hop songs but also in ballad songs effortlessly. Different than usual, the relaxing melody with emotional lyrics fill the songs. Not only feature as a singer, George also appear in the Music video, as charming as his voice.



Lyn & George also plan to visit Yoo Heeyeol Sketchbook this friday, 25th of October of 2019. In the program both of them gonna share the stories behind their collaboration and perform it live, can’t wait!

Lyn George as a guest of Yoo Heeyeol SKetchbook teaser

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