Panda Gomm SleepTalking | 1st Debut Album of the Producer

Panda Gomm Sleeptalking. Producer Panda Gomm who already produce tracks for Young B, Leellamarz, Yourbeagle among many others debut with an album!

Panda Gomm Sleeptalking

Producer Panda gomm is a part of Wayside Town & Jay co bees crew. Now Panda Gomm is also a part of Good to meet you agency family with Jflow, Sep2, Ginger & Jeebanoff. TMI : Panda Gomm produce for YoungB SMTM 8 Final track ‘No Cap’ feature Osshum Gum.


Panda Gomm Sleeptalking tracklist

  • Strawberry Millk feat Veil
  • Friends feat Leellamarz & Changmo
  • And i Love it feat Summer Soul & Junggigo
  • Romance feat Jeebanoff & B Jyun
  • Bartender feat Khundi Panda
  • Americano feat Leellamarz, Ash Island, Owen Ovadoz & Spray
  • Pray Emoji feat Hash Swan & Vinxen
  • Better than feat Young B & pH-1
  • Till we get lost feat B Jyun & Crucial Star
  • Lullaby

There’s a fun part of Panda Gomm Sleeptalking album. There’s actually 2 part in the album, the first part is a innocent version of Panda Gomm while the second part is Panda Gomm with an in depth view of the world. The example is the track Americano where the character no longer drink the sweet strawberry milk, instead drinks the bitter Americano as life turn 180 degrees when the boy grews up

Panda Gomm Friends feat Leellamarz & Changmo

Use guitar as a base, Panda Gomm new Pandagomm make the track friend feature Ambition Musik Changmo & Leellamarz. Do you heard a violin sound in the bridge starting from 1:12?? The one who play the violin is Kim Mingyeom! Who?? Kim Mingyeom is Leellamarz real name, he was actually start as violinist at very young age before starting out as a rapper.



Young B ‘No Cap‘ feat Osshun Gum SMTM 8 final

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