MNET teen Singer | New Survival after HSR Success

MNET teen singer. A new survival program by MNET that plan to air early next year, 2020. The show follow the success of School rapper program that popular with young generation.

MNET Teen Singer

There’s a lot criticism of MNET announcement to launch new survival show. Currently being investigated for vote rigging controversy, MNET decide to announce launch new survival program yet again. This time it’s an audition with a 2 concept : Teen & Singer. MNET new program try to find talented teenage singer. The program will broadcast early 2020.


MNET Teen singer audition requirement

  • Contestant must be born around 2001 – 2010
  • Audition open from 21st of October 2019 – 24th of NOvember 2019

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The success of School rapper program inspire MNET to make another teen survival program. In Teen singer MNET plan to find talented singer, Especially amateur school students that have voice that fellow young generation love. According to news reports MNET plan to have fellow young generation as a judge so they can find singer who not only talented but also suit fellow teenager taste of voice & music.

Kim Haon on School rapper 2

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