Peakboy Kelly | Frola Single Album

Peakboy, The scene stealer of Yoo Jaesuk program ‘How do you play/Hang out with Yoo’. He’s also released new single album.This is the title track Peakboy Kelly.

Peakboy Kelly


Peakboy is a part of Neuron Music alongside Paul Kim, Molly D & Swan. 2019 have been busy year for Peakboy who release EP titled ‘Us’, earlier this year, before appear in the program ‘Hangout with you/How do you play’ with Paul Kim & Heize. TMI:  A close friend with V of BTS , Park Seojun, Choi Wooshik & Park hyungsik

Peak boy FROLA single album

  • Kelly
  • earthquake


Peakboy Kelly Music Video

Let’s go to LA with Peakboy! But it’s just a montage in the Music Video. Peakboy fun & quirky personaloity shown in the Music video. The song itself is produced by Peakboy who actually a producer aswell beside a singer-rapper-songwriter. Kelly will be promoted in radio shows, where Peakboy went with fellow agency mate Paul Kim who also just had a comeback.



Peakboy have his own signature sound “PEAKboy”that he usually use in the beggining of the track. But for the track of Yoo Jaesuk ‘Yuplash’ project he didnt use the sound tag in respect to numerous other senior artist who participate in the track. Check out Paul Kim, heize & Peakboy perform in the latest episode of ‘Hangout with yoo / How do you play’.

Paul Kim, Heize & Peakboy ‘눈치”

Make sure to follow Peakboy on Instagram : @realpeakboy . Not only music, Peakboy also have fun personality!


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