Kim Eunbi Damage | 2nd Single with Lof!

Kim Eunbi Damage. A new single of Kim Eunbi / EB, former Superstar K2 contestant. Lets get to know the song and Kim eunbi!

Kim Eunbi Damage

Remember Kim Eunbi from Superstar K2?? Or do you remember Kim Eunbi the YG Trainee on 2012 – 2014 ? It’s been 8 years since Kim Eunbi stand in the stage of Superstar K, now she’s back with a new track after the debut single PPP that was released in April 2019. Let’s check out her new song Damage!


Kim Eunbi Damage Music video

Damage is an electronic R&B track that show the story about  a man & woman who know they gonna lose each other yet can’t help but to be attracted to each other. This is not the first time that Kim Eunbi & Lof! collaborate together, Kim Eunbi already featured in 2 Lof! tracks titled ‘Washed’ & ‘Popular song’.



Kim Eunbi Superstar K2 performance

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What do you think of Kim Eunbi Damage ?? Does the music style suit your taste ??


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