Truman show Remix | Ahn Byungwoong pH-1 & Owen

I been livin’ like Truman, my life’s in a zoo  That’s the famous hook of Young B & YunB SMTM 8 performance. Now, what if its got a remix version ?? Truman show Remix will be with pH-1, Ahn Byungwoong & Owen ovadoz.

Truman Show Remix

Have you ever watch the movie Truman show ? In the movie the main character life were actually just a part of reality show program, a big fat lie where the main character living their scripted life being watched by whole nation  . YunB & YoungB do their take inspired by the movie in SMTM 8 ep 8.

YunB Truman show lyrics :

“This is on a whole another level
People keep on talking
Feel like everybody watching
whoa, no matter on how careful you are
people still gonna be cursing at you”


Truman show remix with pH-1 , Ahn Byungwoong & Owen Ovadoz.

One of the bars stealer in the remix version of Truman Show is the young SMTM 8 contestant Ahn Byungwoong. Rap in ‘Old school’ tight style of rap, Ahn Byungwoong rap without any music/acapella for the intro. pH-1 singing voice make the track have different vibe than the original one, show how a different voice color can make a song sound totally different.



Original Truman show by YunB & Young B

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